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7 Good Things


What is 7GT?

7 Good Things (7GT) is a campaign designed to share the good news of God's grace with friends. The strategy was developed by English missionary evangelist Giles Stevens. 


To date, tens of thousands have been impacted by the presentation which is presented in various formats (inc. slides, short-videos and a booklet) and in various languages (inc. English, Portuguese & Spanish).  

Below you can check out:

  • Strategy - How to launch a 7GT campaign?

  • The 5-min video series (link to Youtube channel)

  • 7 Good Things booklet (link to Amazon kindle)

  • Slides for public presentations (direct download)

  • 7GT Training Events


 How to Share 7GT?

There are various ways the 7 Good Things can be shared:

1. You can give out copies of the booklets by buying a pack of books or sending out e-books via kindle.

2. You can make presentations in schools, colleges, churches and public venues by using our slide show.

3. You can send out our short videos to your social networks (we recommend sending one video per day).

4. You can mobilise small teams to make presentations in small groups (each member presents one good thing).

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Campaign in action

7GT Training Events

We hold training meetings with local churches and equip them to take this campaign to their homes, life groups, neighbours and families, and hold their own gospel campaign. For more info contact us below;  

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7 Good Things - Online

Due to the current limitations of large crowds, we have developed a strategy to share 7GT on the internet. Through 7 short videos, thousands are sharing and tens of thousands are hearing these good things. 

5-min video series

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7GT Campaigns in Brazil & Beyond

Before the pandemic, we conducted dozens of training sessions with local churches. Due to the lockdown, we have been focusing our efforts to share our online videos.
Churches all over the country are using the material and thousands of believers have shared their faith with their friends through this dynamic format. 

We are now launching the project also in Peru, Chile, Spain, Belgium, the US & the UK.

Watch the video and check out a little of what has happened.

5-min video series -Portuguese

By clicking you will access The Great Mission website

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Books & E-books

Get your own copy of 7 Good Things and share a copy with your friends.  Available in various languages in hard copy and digital format.  

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Ways to do it

All our free material in Slides, Kindle Ebook, PDF and sketches. Put the project into action. Click to learn more

7GT Campaigns in UK
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Your Support

Your donation can help us share the gospel to the ends of the earth this year; and ensure that everyone knows 7 Good Things. Every $7 contributed will get a 7 Good Things video to over 1000 people . . . that’s less than 1c per person to give someone the opportunity to meet Jesus'


“We are experiencing revival in our life groups through the 7 Good Things project! We visited three houses in one day! In one, the whole family gave their lives to Jesus and while we taught from the book a non-christian friend of mine who was with us broke down in tears! At the end they prayed the prayer of faith and everyone burst into many tears of joy! I could see God changing their hearts as they cried! Later we discovered that one young girl had been talking a lot about suicide and walked with a bad crowd and had even gotten involved in drugs. Her life and the lives of everyone in those families were transformed that day!. ”

Larissa Pacheco